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Cornfield Fire On Mount Rock Road
Fri, Nov 22nd, 2019 11:33:00 am - Engine 15-1 and Brush 15 responded to 300 Mount Rock Road for a reported field fire. Units arrived on scene with Southampton Township EMA to find approximatley one acres of corn field on fire and slowly increasing. Command 15 was established by Engine 15-1. Winds started to pick up which increased fire spread. Command 15 requested three more additional brush trucks, an engine for a fill site, plus Tanker 13 to assist. The fill site was established at the intersection of Possum Hollow Rd and Mount Rock Rd. Engine 15-1 stopped the spread of the fire near Rice Rd. Upon the arrival of Brush 52, they worked the perimeter of the fire. Special Unit 11 and Brush 13 assisted Brush 15 at the head of the fire with fire attack. Tanker 13 filled Brush 15 twice, Special Unit 11, Brush 52, and Brush 13 once. Once Special Unit 11 and Brush 13 completed their assignment of working the perimeter of the fire, the fire was controlled. Command 15 released all units shortly there after with the exception of Company 15 units. A local farmer used a tractor to till the field which eliminated all hot spots. Brush 15 and Engine 15-1 stood by on scene until all hot spots were extinguished. Command 15 was terminated and the ops channel released at 1237hrs.  

Command: Engine 15-1 (Lt. Harsomchuck)
Units: Engine 15-1 and Brush 15
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Photo Provided By Denny Clopper